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Power Consultants understands and appreciates the vital role investors play in the economy by providing the risk capital that ultimately contributes to economic growth and advances in technology.

Our goal is to provide a platform "Where Innovation Meets Capital".  We are not investment advisors, but we believe our efforts in assisting companies with business development services provides you with organizations, once introduced, that possess many of the perquisites that you have come to expect when considering investing.  

Of course there are never any guarantees when investing, but we are confident that an introduction to an organization that we have assisted in becoming INVESTOR READY provides you the opportunity to make intelligent investment decisions on your own.

The input of your investment expectations is extremely valuable to us.  It aids us in providing cutting-edge business development services to our clients, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the type of founders and companies you would like introduced to you.

Please complete the assessment below so that we can gain greater insight about you as an investor  and allow us to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss how we believe we can lay the groundwork in creating mutually rewarding relationships between you and INVESTOR READY companies. 

Complete the Assessment

What stage businesses do you prefer to invest in?
What is your average investment amount over the last 3 years?
What industry sectors are you currently interested in?
Are you interested in being introduced to INVESTOR READY businesses?

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