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Every successful business starts with a great idea.  The
key to its ongoing success is ensuring it is backed with passion, commitment, a strategic plan, cutting-edge business development, a talented team with shared
values, and sufficient capital to achieve its goals and objectives.


Power Consultants understands the importance of these winning business traits and is here to assist you in incorporating beneficial assets such as these as part of your organization.

Regardless of what stage your business is, be it a brand-new start-up or one that has been operating for years,
we have the business development tools and strategies
to help take your company to the next level of success!


Power Consultants is honored to provide your business with our winning services and is committed to supporting PEOPLE, BUSINESSES & COMMUNITES in their ongoing effort to thrive at their maximum level of performance!


Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors understand now more than ever the incredible opportunities that are available to them.  However, with so many ideas to
choose from they need a resource they can depend on
to do the grunt work, the research, and overall due diligence before they even consider investing. 

We complete an investor assessment to determine everything from the desired market sector to risk tolerance, and not until each criterion is met, do we arrange an introduction ignite your innovation with potential capital! 

At Power Consultants we believe in “Investor Ready”.  Although every opportunity involves various degrees
of risk and there are never any guarantees, each idea is only presented to our investors after having passed our own internal audit. This ensures that when capital is considered for investment, our partners know the infrastructure for business success that they demanded
is solidly in place.   


Power Consultants is committed to empowering people, businesses, and communities around the world to thrive
at their optimum level of performance.  Do you, your organization or the community you represent have a
cause, idea, mission or vision you are committed to making a reality?  If so, look no further, we are the
partner you have been searching for.


All of our philanthropic efforts are passionately
executed through EMPOWER!  This non-profit 501(c)3 partner is dedicated to providing underserved youth around the globe with access to technical devices such
as computers, laptops, tablets, personal communication systems and  more!  Its mission is to expose children to information and educational tools centered around Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (S.T.E.M.)  

We believe every child should have the opportunity to thrive in this rapidly changing and technology driven world.  For more information, contact us at:

the team
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"I am committed to making a positive difference one person, one business and one community at a time!  Please join me in this worthy cause!"

Everett Pickens
CEO , Power Consultants

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